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"Here is a photo of my thoroughbred gelding before we switched to keep pace. He was getting an outrageous amount of another feed every day but nothing would put the weight on him. After switching to keep pace we immediately started to see a difference. We have now been on keep pace for 6 months and everyone of our horses look amazing! No other feed even compares! "

"Here is a photo of the same horse after six months of feeding keep pace."

 THANK YOU for such a wonderful feed!!

Allison Huey
Mullins, SC

"Keep Pace is an ideal feed for horses with metabolic syndrome or Cushing's disease.  I have seen dramatic improvements in the skin and coats of even normal healthy horses after switching to Keep Pace.  I also have not seen the same risk of choke as with other pelletized feeds".

Justin Miller, DVM
Shambley Equine Clinic
Summerville, SC 29483

"Keep Pace is the first horse feed I've really felt comfortable feeding to every horse in my barn.  We use it for everyone from seniors to working horses to growing foals.  This feed really fits the bill"!
Lara Bailey, DVM
Pine Harbor Animal Hospital
Townsend, GA

"We are thrilled with Keep Pace feed!  Young and old horses (the majority are rescues) thrive on this exceptional product and it has reduced our feed bill by fifty percent".
Elizabeth Steed, Founder of LEARN Horse Rescue
Ravenel, SC 29470

“After a bad episode with colic, my geriatric Quarter Horse began to experience steady weight loss and digestive problems.  It seemed like feed wouldn’t “stick”.  After trying most feeds available in the area and even considering euthanasia, we tried Keep Pace with great results.  We easily noticed a visible difference within 30 days of switching feed.  Kash showed improved coat and mood, plus he was showing a steady weight gain.  I soon switched all my horses to Keep Pace.

“Keep Pace puts and holds weight on my Thoroughbred performance horse while keeping her energy balanced (not too hot).  I have even had horses come in for training that turned their noses up at their old sweet feed to eat Keep Pace.  Thanks for the great feed!”

Rachael Walden, A.R.I.A. Certified Barn Manager
Find Me Here Farms
Atkinson, GA
Telephone:  912-778-4153

*High Fly*

“In November, 2008, our old boy (mid twenties), High Fly (shown above), was looking bedraggled with ribs showing in spite of generous pasture, hay and habitual feeding.  We started feeding him Keep Pace and witnessed a miraculous transformation.  High Fly filled out and became sleek coated again.  His energy increased and he again asserted himself as the head of the barn.

“Our vet just called to let us know that in all of the years he has come to our barn, the horses and mules look better than ever before!  We are grateful to know that our horses are receiving excellent, balanced nutrition.  Thank you, Keep Pace!”

Margaret R.
Pineland, S.C.

"Hey this is Brittany Waters, Mocha's owner. The first picture is the day Mocha came out to Legacy. His hair was fried and he looked like a bleached pumpkin. And he was about 200 pounds under weight. The second picture is just a month later. It was amazing! In just a week everybody could see a difference. His coat was looking better and he started putting on some weight. Just a month later he looked like a different horse. The last picture is now. He is amazing looking! He has put on all of his weight and more. Also he has his muscule defination back. His coat feels like silk now and he is back to his dark bay color. He looks like a totally different horse! Keep Pace has done and amazing job on my horse! I can't believe at the way he looks today! If it wasn't for keep pace he wouldn't look like this today! Thank you so much for inventing this food! It's done an amazing job!

Brittany Waters

This is Dezil about 6 months ago and a picture of him a couple days ago.  Keep Pace Feed has added about 250lbs to Dezil.  I can't thank you enough for developing such an amazing feed.  My horse was a rescue from CANTER and I thought he was a hard keeper.  After having him at Legacy Farm with Renee Bargatze since October, I still can't help staring at my "new" horse. 

Thank you for everything,
Barrie Walker

As the manager of a boarding facility that encourages all breeds and disciplines, feeding can become both art and science.   Here, we have had boarders as young a 4 months to horses well into their golden 30’s and a couple of platinum 40’s.  Animals have arrived from varied and whatever circumstances, where, as a manager, sometimes I worried if the ASPCA would stop to inquire about the animal, New boarders were allowed to pick the feed their horses had been eating or what they wanted them to now eat, as long as it could be found locally and the horses were able to maintain a healthy weight.

A little over a year ago, I switched a small number of my personal animals from the regular pelleted feed they had been eating to Keep Pace.  Within a couple of weeks I noticed changes in coat and flesh.    Horses that were getting the same amount of feed (pound for pound) gained weight such that I had to begin dropping the amount of feed that they were receiving.  I attributed the change to the emergence of grasses, but as time went on the change in not only flesh and coat but feet as well was remarked upon.  Passers-by would stop and remark how shinny the horses were and some of these animals get groomed infrequently.

These changes where enough for me to switch all of the animals on the farm to Keep Pace.  Similar results have been realized.  There are no longer any animals consuming huge amounts of well-known commercial foods.  In some cases feed consumption has been able to be dropped by half while maintaining weight and condition, a beautiful coat and strong hooves.  Our veterinarians have taken notice and asked what the farm is feeding and not one of the horses requiring “special” diets has had to be changed from Keep Pace.   So far it is agreed; they couldn’t be on anything better. 

Thank you for developing and supplying such a fine food.

Renee B.
Legacy Farms, LLC, Summerville, SC.




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